Show Me The Money

It's Time...

to change your leadership and management culture to be more financially accountable. It's time to change the way you manage your human resource and do so in a more profitable way.

It's time to take a look at your relationship and beliefs about money and how they influence your leadership and decisions regarding how you manage the driving force of your business -- your people.

It's time to lead differently. Through the principles and practices of Show Me The Money! You can lead more effectively and more profitably!

Let us show you how.
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Additional Information

Note: this video is designed not only to be an introduction to the content, but also a training video that can be used in a leadership/mgt. meeting or lunch/learn.
Learning Documents

Slide notes  :  SN-SMTM-Overview.pdf

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Benefits to Integrating These Principles & Practices Into Your Organization

Overall result = substantially increased profits

Help your leaders and managers:
  • become better financial stewards - more fiscally adept and responsible
  • be better business partners
  • become more operationally savvy
  • develop the ability to practically quantify and measure "soft skills"
  • have an embedded benchmark to measure their leadership contribution, value and impact
  • gain a way to quickly and practically spotlight under-performers in every employee category
  • have a sensible gateway to improve operational and organizational effectiveness
Ways To Implement

Leadership training (stand alone or added to your current curriculum), Leadership development (using our results-based leadership framework), leadership, cultural and/or organizational integration, webinar, Leadership Roundtable (peer discussion group)strategy session and/or planning.