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Our Approach to Leadership Development | Philosophy

In the spirit of providing substantial value to our clients, we view any leadership-management development holistically- through the lens of operational/organizational improvement.

In looking at any aspect of a company's growth, it's the leadership and management culture and capabilities that holds the key to its success. It will unlock or lock down the human side of the enterprise. That's why leadership/management training and development is non-negotiable, though many decision-makers treat it as optional.

Additionally, it impacts company valuation,  discussed in the book Show Me The Money!whether the stock price of a public company or valuation of one privately held, professionalizing a company's management is crucial.

What does that mean?

It means having an intentional leadership/management structure that includes a vision, values, and behavior expectations reflective of the leadership culture needed to achieve strategic outcomes. It also includes intentional, structured, continuous development that fosters expanding the capabilities needed to meet the ever changing needs of company growth and which also is designed in a way to provide continuous support, continuity in content and consistency in development efforts.

It's unfortunate that professionalized management is very rare in companies today, resulting in a lot of money and talent wasted. Most companies, if they do have any leadership-management training and development, practice a "buffet style" approach which has no continuity, support or consistency, tends to be executed from a point of reaction to a problem vs. preventative, and is not a component of the business growth plan. And that's why decision-makers are so reluctant to invest -- they see little value of return with the buffet style approach, and rightly so. It's a haphazard attempt at very important company roles and needs.

Why Holistic, Results-Based, Human-Centric Leadership is the Only Leadership That Matters

You'll find much discussion around the web referencing a variety of leaderships styles and which are best when. Ultimately, the better view is to think of what behaviors achieve needed outcomes. Discussing style is really moot. In fact, any discussion surrounding leadership is ultimately about how to get the best results. So why not just start there.

Summary:  Holistic, results-based leadership is a resource and framework for a company's growth It starts with the whole view of a company and provides a structured approach to operational & organizational improvement by way of leadership-management development. It is substantially more valuable than a typical leadership training & development initiative.

Other Benefits

  • It provides and/or enhances an operational infrastructure that can support change, which helps a company respond more nimbly to market needs.
  • It's a framework that can be used to "professionalize" a company's leadership and management development, as discussed above.
  • It provides a clear framework for executing leadership that is designed to integrate company strategy and processes, which we call "holistic".
  • It is gender and generational neutral -- since it includes a human-centric approach, addressing core human needs, it enables any leader from any background to be effective. (You could say it's millennial friendly -- for the one leading and/or being lead).
  • It creates a productivity infrastructure.
  • It offers an approach to pre-promotion and /or success planning.
  • It cultivates leaders/managers into meaningful business partners -- they gain awareness of their financial impact and contribution
  • It gives meaningful context for relevant, real-time performance feedback and collaboration for all parties. We call it practical, positive, strategic accountability.
  • It's a great context in which high performance, results-based teams can be developed.
  • It provides an effective framework for leading individuals, teams and fostering culture.
  • It provides an infrastructure to unlock hidden organizational capacity and capabilities for greater value, return-on-investment and positioning for sustainable growth.
  • Using a simple framework accelerates results. We believe in keeping it simple to go faster.
  • It's a useful resource for assessing leadership/management performance -- if a leader is not getting desired outcomes, the reasons can most likely be found within the framework.
  • It's a practical framework that can also be used in change-management and cultural alignment.
  • It cuts through all the leadership discussion noise of what is needed to be a successful leader, providing executable focus.
  • Since it is "human-centric" in application, it's design to include and incorporate the science of human behavior.
  • It values results over action. It focuses action. Here's a simple formula to describe it: train to see, train to act, train to measure, train to improve, creating sustained momentum for leadership development while achieving business outcomes.

So, from a business perspective, it's creating a company structure/culture that is intentionally mindful of employees needs while activating and engaging all they can bring to bear in the workplace to execute a company's vision, strategy and objectives.

We'd like to see the human put back in human resource and therefore, we see human resource in the most literal sense. A human-centric leadership and company culture then, is leading in a way that positively impacts the mind, heart, spirit and technical capability of each employee to activate, engage, direct and channel toward profits. We call it "people power" and people power = profit power.

While this concept may be new to some company leaders, many have been pioneers in recognizing the value of this design in business and are thriving because of it. Consider the list of The 100 Best Places to Work.  You'll find they all embrace a human-centric, more organizational holistic approach and there in is why they make the list. They also tend to be the most profitable.

Where managing through people can be one of the most significant challenges for leaders today, our approach turns that challenge into a successful, satisfying experience for leaders from all generations, working with not against the fundamentals of human behavior. In fact, we believe Humans Rock!
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