Working Smart

Working Smart - 12 Rockin' Strategies to Get Better Results in Less Time

Based on the wildly popular seminar and book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed, this is the ultimate time management and productivity workshop for busy professionals and teams. Are your teams rockin' it?

Here's an important tip: Improving productivity is improving operational effectiveness. which leads to boasting profits. In approaching this theme from a holistic point of view, consider that improving productivity through time management should be approached in the context of teams vs. individuals. Why? Because if the entire team does not have the same mind set and is not using the same strategies, it will diminish the value and effectiveness of what's been learned and undermine attempts to implement.

Additionally, I explain with great examples in my executive briefing Show Me the Money! that time really is money.

Since time is such a critical, non-negotiable resource, it's imperative that included in a company culture is a sensitivity and intentional philosophy about time and how it's used in the context of achieving desired results. I've discovered there is quit of range of what that looks like for each company. What is universal is everyone needs to be on the same page and intentional included and promoted in a company culture.We deliver this training/development in the following ways: Webinar, Onsite, Coaching Roundtables, 60-90 day team productivity all depends on the outcomes you want.

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