Special Programs

In our attempt to stay current with the needs of our clients, we have a few specialty initiatives and programs. It is our commitment to be responsive to the needs of the marketplace as it relates to our mission and fits under our umbrella of holistic talent management and organizational development, enhancing the human quotient.

Need Help with Sexual Harassment Prevention?

Most recently, we've launched From Culture to Compliance: How To Successfully Institute Harassment Prevention, a comprehensive, full service consulting offering. It's considered comprehensive because our approach is holistic - we help companies improve their cultures by promoting respectful, healthy workplaces to mitigate any type of bullying, or harassing behavior (which by the way is much more common than sexual harassment). We are in the midst of building out the complete program. Stay tuned. (Subscribe to our briefing or blog to get updates as they occur). In conjunction with this, we've started a monthly live webcast series that you'll want to subscribe to as well - click here to learn more.

We Continue to Offer 3 of Our Most Popular Workshops

    • Brain on Fire - Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers: This is still a very popular keynote, breakout and full day workshops... so much so I created the book Brain on Fire as a complement to the workshop. It covers creative, critical and innovative thinking and is highly interactive and just plain fun! Learn more here.
    • Emotional Intelligence: This topic has been delivered for both individual contributors and leaders. It's also included in our soon to be released 2 day immersion workshop From EQ to HQ - The Essential Power Couple for Exceptional Leadership. Learn more here our EQ offering here.
    • Working Smart - 12 Rockin' Strategies to Get Better Results in Less Time: Based on the wildly popular seminar and book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed, this is the ultimate time management and productivity workshop for busy professionals and teams. Are your teams rockin' it?

    Here's an important tip: Improving productivity is improving operational effectiveness. which can lead to boosting profits. In approaching this theme from a holistic point of view, consider that improving productivity through time management is better approached in the context of teams vs. individuals. Why? Because if the entire team does not have the same mind set and is not using the same strategies, it will diminish the value and effectiveness of what's been learned and undermine attempts to implement.