Sexual Harassment Support

We're excited to announce, we're forming a one-stop-shop of resources for building a healthy company culture and providing comprehensive services surrounding harassment and discrimination, from advisory and compliance audits to software implementation for training reinforcement and complaint tracking! As founder, I am so excited as we enter our 20th year in business to really become a full service human resource, talent, management consulting practice. From leadership development to software, our holistic approach to operational effectiveness will save our clients time and money, creating a solid infrastructure for sustained growth!

Can you confidently answer these 2 questions:

  • Does everyone in our community have clear definitions and understandings of what misconduct, hostile environment, harassment, assault (a criminal act btw), inappropriate means?
  • Are my managers clear and able to handle any of these in a timely and effective manner?

 Here's where we started on Jan. 10th JOIN US! : We're ready to have a robust discussion about a very touchy subject and yet absolutely needs to be had. We want to provide a supportive, educated community to protect our employees and businesses!

Day: Wednesday - Jan. 10th, 2018 | 12:30 ET

Here is the introduction article from LinkedIn: Sexual Harassment - It's Time for Action! (Would be helpful to read first).

Suzi Benoit Kate Bischoff Alan Allard JoAnn Corley

Here is our expert panel of behavior & legal experts...
Here is the webcast information - we'll be using Zoom
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Or Telephone: US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833 | Meeting ID: 734 798 6054

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Supplemental Articles & Resources:

Your Leadership Choice: Fixing Symptoms or Championing a Vision
A Candid Conversation About Sexual Harassment -- Beginning With Me
Is Your Company Culture a Breeding Ground for Sexual Harassment? Use these 6 Check-up Points!
When a Romantic Overture Becomes Sexual Harassment / Suzi Benoit

Also - if you've not taken the LinkedIn Learning course "Managing Employee Problems", now would be a good time.

There's lots of practical information to setting up a reliable reporting process, among other incredibly useful tips :

Learn more here
Panelist Suzi Benoit - Her blog has lots of good info
EEOC Task Force Studying Harassment in the Workplace (a useful resource for all HR professional in presenting a business case for key leaders).

A Great Podcast on Bullying in the Workplace with Suzi Benoit - click here

Questions for the Webcast :

Sexual Harassment - It's Time For Action | A Candid Talk With HR Professionals
Feel free to Tweet during the webcast: #HrSHrealtalk

Here's our starter questions for the webcast:

  • First question: What is your response to this social wave of sexual harassment exposure?
  • Second question: In looking at sexual harassment in the workplace, what do you see as the real issues?
  • Third Question: What has HR's role been in this?
  • Fourth Question: From your POV -- what will it really take to create meaningful change? and will HR's role be in that?
  • Fifth Question: What tactical action can be taken now to hold ourselves accountable to champion change?
  • Sixth Question: As HR professionals what will that mean for us personally?

AND.... we'll be taking your questions....