Mobile Learning

One of the key advantages in engaging The Human Sphere™ for your talent development needs is the opportunity to integrate technology.
With every engagement, we consider how our signature mobile app - The 1% Edge Portable Coach (available on all smartphone platforms) can be leveraged to continue the learning post seminar or integrate it into a skill development or coaching engagement. The app is able to provide text, audio, quizzes, documents, links and videos along with functions that make it an "all in one" learning resource.

Additional functions... take notes, record an idea, send an audio message, collaborate via the message board, send a private message and take photos. All of these capabilities keep employees connected and engaged without the hassle of worrying about activity through your network!


If you've not considered the impact of mobile and social learning, We invite you to read this article.

Are You Ready For The Mobile Revolution?

Check out our signature app The 1% Edge Portable Coach
(available on all smartphone platforms)
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