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What's an employee competency seminar?  
Gain the answer to that question and learn how we arrived at the 6 themes / topics listed below. Read article below
After reading the article below, you'll see why we are offering these 6 as a series. There are a variety of ways to book them: all at once, throughout the year, once a quarter -- particularly if you want your entire staff to experience them. To learn more about each individual seminar click link for each topic-theme.

Are You Complicating Your Employee Training Decisions?

I gotta say I've been around the block a few times when it comes to employee training. For those reading who are not familiar with my background, the short story is I've conducted several thousand professional development seminars though-out North America over the past 15 years. If you want the long story,here's my bio.

Through that experience here's a key conclusion I've drawn -- we over complicate employee training and development and therefore waste a tremendous amount of money. I believe there are several reasons why, which I'll address in upcoming posts. For now, I'd like to present a simple perspective on how to view and make decisions regarding basic employee training.

Before I do, I want to quickly make the distinction between training and development (a distinction our industry desperately needs to make). I've experienced that in most cases when people use the word "training" what they really mean is the act of learning -- that is taking in new information.

What they might be hoping for is development skill acquisition and/or behaviorchange. We all know learning "about" a skill, does not a skill make. That's why making this distinction as we plan our talent training and development strategy and spend our precious dollars is so important! So as you continue reading, I'll be making that distinction by referencing employee training as learning seminars.