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This is 1 of 5 in a series of individual employee core competency seminars. If you've not been to that page, we recommend you start there first. Click here
Creator Comments: As I travel across the country conducting public seminars here is a recurring theme - people are being asked to do more with less. In order for that to occur effectively, a key skill is needed: the ability to see new ways of doing things and create strategies for process improvement. To some, this comes naturally. To others, it needs to and can be taught.

Additionally, a key element to this need is the ability to think creatively - in essence generate ideas. Now here's where it gets concerning. When I conduct a workshop one of the first questions I ask is, "How many of you think you are creative?" In most cases only 1/4- 1/3 of the room will raise a hand. Why is should that be concerning? Because people behave based on their beliefs. So, if someone doesn't think they're creative they won't access the capability to do so.
Additionally many are not taught how to be creative in an approachable, practical way. The exciting news - everyone can be taught to be

In recent years, my creative and innovative thinking topic was one of the most requested as a keynote (it was a big hit at SHRM15 in Las Vegas), breakout and individual employee competency workshop series. And no wonder, BusinessWeek released a study that indicated many CEOs consider this a critical competency for 21st century economic challenges. You can access that article by clicking here.

The good news?...a workshop: Creative & Innovative Thinking - The Next New Skill that is affordable, practical, fun and teaches everyone to connect with and practically use their creativity. Click here to download an summary


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