Our overall goal is to help companies create sustained growth and profitability

via holistic people management, organizational development and leadership.

Here's how we can help:

1 => Executive Advisor | Confidant

Ever heard the phrase, "It's lonely at the top?" Most people have. The reason it's so popular?.. in many cases, it's true. And that's why high-performing leaders choose to engage an advisor, confidant or coach.

Confidant: Many leaders do not have a confidant, a neutral party to use as a sounding board and to safely, confidentially express struggles, get clarity for better decision-making and deal with other issues that could be undermining their effectiveness. To be your best as a leader, having a confidant is of great value.

Advisor: Additionally, we act as advisors in any area of your operations that is human behavior-performance related. With our expertise, senior leaders can quickly reduce their stress, minimize headaches, fog and confusion (and those of their leadership team) regarding people management by helping them sort through and make confident decisions about staff, talent management, human resources and culture for successful business building.
These roles are typically structured via retainer with a variety of duration options.

Side Note: In my workshop EQ for Leaders, one of my most popular pieces of advice is this: "Find someone in your life that you can be brutally honest with, who can remain neutral, does not have a vested interest in a side one way or the other and will not apply judgement to anything you say! If it doesn't come out, it will stay in and depending on what it is, could be a stumbling block to your performance." Emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health should be a non-negotiable priority for all leaders, especially key leaders of an organization.

2 => Consulting


Improving Operational/Organizational Performance through Culture Enhancement

We can help you improve your operations through improving you company culture. Is your culture functioning in a way that fully engages and utilizes your employees' talent? We'll assist in taking a look at what's working what's not and what's missing to do just that.

Note: Included in this culture review is determining if you have any cultural and legal vulnerabilities to general harassment and sexual harassment. If this is an immediate need, we have an initiative called "From Culture to Compliance: How to Bolster Your Harassment Prevention".


Improving Operational/Organizational Performance through Leadership Development Holistic Organizational Leadership™ | HQ Leadership™

Individual Leaders & Leadership Teams

We've seen that many leaders (at all levels)) do not make decisions to grow operational capabilities, know how to improve operational performance or know how to successfully lead or manage a team. Additionally, they are not preparing the human aspect of their operation to adequately handle needed growth and/or market-industry changes. These leadership deficits are sabotaging profits.

Though we start with the senior leadership team (our primary focus), we help leaders at all levels learn how to substantially improve their people management, get needed results and demonstrate financial stewardship. With individual coaching and peer-group round-tables, we foster constructive collaboration (which includes managing conflict), cultivating a high-performance leadership culture which we believe is the foundation to a culture the performs well, attracts and retains talent.

Installing a Leadership Infrastructure

Since we take a holistic view of operational success, we've come to see that seeing leadership development as a business management priority can save a lot of headaches and employee problems. Also, as mentioned in our executive briefing Show Me The Money!, having a well performing leadership/management team can increase the value of a company.

We have seen and experienced that the most successful businesses are those that have leaders/managers who are meaningful business partners, highly engaged and accountable to executing strategy. Many companies don't have a framework in place to measure and achieve this.
We have a proven framework that can rapidly achieve this.

It's holistic, results-based, human-centered leadership/management where a leader's contribution to organizational and operational improvement can be tracked and measured, while growing capabilities and meeting business objectives. We replace the typical inconsistent, "buffet style" leadership training, which has proven to be largely ineffective.

Teams: Developing High-Performance Teams

All leaders agree that the ability to accomplish timely company results is contingent not only upon leadership/management effectiveness, but also on the ability of a team, department or business unit to function at its best. We help teams learn to constructively work together for increased productivity and improved results based on the characteristics of "high-performance teams".

Our Overall Approach

We address the performance of leaders, managers and teams through customized, structured peer learning and coaching, over a predetermined period of time, which heightens accountability and accelerates results. Working with proven results-based principles and methodologies, we provide rapid improvement while unlocking untapped organizational capabilities and strengthening a company's performance infrastructure..

3 => A Speaker at Your Next Event

Our founder, JoAnn Corley, is a dynamic, inspirational business speaker. She has a contagious passion for the work she does, infused in any topic she delivers. She conducts keynotes and conference breakouts that are high-value and entertaining. Learn more about her topics here.

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