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Note from Founder - November

We've had an extraordinary year!  We've had so much fun serving clients, helping them grow, changing lives, cultures -- improving their company success. It's been incredibly satisfying. And, we're looking forward to an even better 2018. With the release of our executive briefing Show Me The Money - we'll be working with our clients to improve their profitability through a strategic effort in having their leaders become more effective business partners. Cumulatively this year, our practice has positively impacted our clients' financially by several million dollars.
Here's just a bit of what we've been up to...

Helped a leadership team repair relationships, learned how to manage conflict and communicate collaboratively (vs. the famous phrase 'throw each other under the bus".)

Developed a special content segment for our leadership-management development roundtables that specifically addresses how to lead low skilled, low wage workers (this is one of our proudest accomplishments this year--there is very little information available on how to lead this employee population).

Department turnaround - helped several different departments reset their leadership team to lead with more respect for team members, which improved productivity and results.

Addressed inter-departmental conflict, which resulted in an increase in revenue within 1 month.

Enhanced leadership capabilities in one department which had a significant ripple effect improving organizational communication and operations between all departments.

Pre-promotion coaching for an assistant human resource to ensure a smooth transition of duties (after the director retired) and also enhanced trust and rapport with her direct report, a president with a very different personality and leadership style.

Helped start-up leadership team learn how to lead low skilled workers more effectively, which improved retention and increased productivity.

Cultural alignment/ Culture-Leadership Reset: helped a leadership team resolve lingering culture issues after a buy-out, that was causing constant conflict, unhealthy competition and mistrust

Strategic planning and enhanced leadership relationship building via leadership retreat. (one of the wealthiest, fastest growing counties in the U.S.)

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