About The Founder

It's been quite a journey these past years since I hung out my shingle in 1998

In the early years, I had no idea the twists and turns the road would offer. Through-out the years, my resolve to serve the human community in the context of business has been an ever present partner and is stronger than ever.

I've delivered thousands of workshops and seminars on a variety of professional development topics. Spoken in every major U.S. city and every state. My travels have taken me from Nova Scotia to Alaska and from Puerto Rico to Hawaii.

The duration and unique experience of travel, has exposed me to a variety of employees and leaders, their conditions and concerns. It's given me a ground floor and c-suite view of a variety of attitudes, philosophies and practice  surrounding how business and government entities run and work with human resources, and development related to organizational success.

In order to accomplish this, our approach is holistic. We see every request for our services through the lens of the operation and organization as a whole. We see an organization as a organism - knowing that everything impacts everything else.

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Our services have evolved as the needs of the business climate have evolved, always with an eye to offering what's most timely and relevant. Currently, I see this as the "call of the hour" -- businesses have a great need to re-integrate the human side into the operational side to effectively execute business strategy and see human resource management as business/operational management -- not as a stand alone, separate "department" that is treated as an administrative afterthought. I talk about this in my executive briefing Show Me The Money! Without doing this, profits are undermine and operations will be bogged down with "people problems".

Therefore, all of our consulting engagements, approaches, practices and philosophies are executed through the lens of operational performance for business growth. We are pioneers in holistic organizational leadership™. We believe in doing so, a substantial return-on-investment is experienced both tangible and intangible.

As an example, in considering the need for leadership and management development, asking questions like: why?, what's the need?, what part of the operation needs improvement? and what's the best approach? I've seen over the years companies spending money on a product or service vs. investing in needed outcomes.

Our goal is to help you grow by using money and resources wisely, through our expertise in working with human behavior, leadership, management and employee performance. If this is something you would like to experience, please contact us to learn how we can help.


JoAnn Corley is the Founder, CEO of The Human Sphere™, a business growth consultancy that helps companies increase profits through holistic organizational leadership™ . Additionally, she is a nationally sought after speaker  and author.
To your success!


Professional Highlights

  • Authored talent management book: 15 Shifts - The Essential Guide to Transform Your Talent Management
  • Authored management book: The 1% Edge - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness
  • Authored time management productivity book: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed: how to manage   your time, space, and priorities to work smart, get results, and be happy
  • Authored creative thinking book: Brain on Fire - Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers
  • Spoken through-out North America, in every major city in the U.S. and every state
  • Regularly featured in on-line media and radio

People have said about JoAnn that she is an emerging voice in the business marketplace...a catalyst for innovative thinking...passionate for bringing theory into reality in the laboratory of real life! She brings fresh thinking that matches the realistic management needs of the 21st century workplace. She is known as a champion of human potential in the arena of business enterprise.

JoAnn Corley is an experienced human resource / talent management professional and a dynamic, inspiring business speaker. She has a contagious passion and energy and has shared that passion with thousands through-out North America specializing in seminars on, Holistic Talent Management, Effective Management and Leadership, Time & Organizational Management, Personal Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, Creative and Innovative Thinking, Team Productivity & Collaboration. She has the unique distinction of having conducted seminars in every state in the U.S. and every major city.

She is author of of several books as well as contributing author to the book, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Success, a collaborative effort with some of the top female motivational speakers in North American and hailed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame as a must read.

JoAnn also has a unique passion for the connection of technology to enhancing the quality of both one's personal and professional life. She sees herself as a "non-techie tech" who loves to learn about what's next. That interest lead to the development of her mobile learning-training app - The 1% Edge Portable Coach (available on all smartphone platforms).

Ms. Corley founded Convergence Consulting Group in 1998, a human resource-organizational development firm, which has provided services to a variety of industries such as; accounting & finance, engineering, government, staffing, risk management, not-for-profits, and sales to name a few. It was re-named The Human Sphere™ to reflect expanded offerings under the umbrella of holistic talent management. The Human Sphere is a brand initiative of JoAnn Corley Companies Inc, a third-party certified WOSB.

Variety also describes the type of coaching and consulting clients Ms. Corley and her strategic partners have helped over the years, including governmental leaders, scientists, engineers, phds, executives, finance and accounting consultants, mid-level managers and small business owners.

Ms. Corley attended Concordia College, Moorhead, MN and Eastern Illinois University. Prior to launching her consulting practice, she spent several years as the International Benefits Manager for a not-for-profit, then moved on to become a Senior Recruiter, a boutique, INC 500 Chicago recruiting firm. She has worked for 2 INC 500 companies and has a professional affiliation with ASTD, SHRM.

She has also been quoted or featured in articles for NBC News, Huffington Post, Salesforce.com, Monster.com, Harvard Business Review, HR Hero, ATD National, SHRM National, Management Business Daily, Recruiter.com to name a few. She is currently on-going business and leadership contributor to Huffington Post, Recruiter.com, & Salesforce.com - In The Media

List Of Companies

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