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Summary of Services:
Professional & Management Training/Development, Computer Training, Human Resource Consulting

Email contact: JoAnn Corley, CEO | joann@joanncorley.com | 678.827.1721 | Atlanta, GA

Recommendation: Former Deputy Director, US Marshals Service

Government Entities We've
Marine Corp Systems Command
U.S. Marshals Service
Social Security Administration
U.S. Veterans Affairs
U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX
Loudoun County Government, Leesburg, VA
City Of Chicago, Human Rights Commission
U.S. Navy

About JoAnn Corley - CEO, Founder
JoAnn Corley is the Founder, CEO of JoAnn Corley Companies, Inc., an umbrella entity that helps government agencies, for profit and not for profit companies manage their talent through a variery of human resource services. She is also a nationally sought after speaker, author, and coach and has been named to multiple lists of human resource and management experts to follow.

Professional Highlights

-Seasoned Talent Management - Human Resource professional, speaker, author
-Authored talent management book: 15 Shifts - The Eseential Guide to Transform Your Talent Management 
-Authored management book: The 1% Edge - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness
-Authored time management productivity book: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed: how to manage your time, space, and priorities to work smart, get results, and be happy
-Authored creative thinking book: Brain on Fire - Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers
-Spoken through-out North America, in every major city in the U.S. and every state
-Conducted thousands of training seminars and workshops over the past 16 years; considered a master trainer, facilitator
-Conducted many Train-the-Trainer for training professionals through-out North America (Creativity Day Camp for Trainers)
-Regularly featured in on-line media and radio

Our Services: Operational Improvement | Professional & Management Training/Development | Computer Training
Under the JoAnn Corley Companies, Inc. umbrella, we have the great opportunity to work with the top 1% employee trainers in the country. Many have had international experience, are subject matter experts and published authors for the topics they facilitate.

Our training experiences are not "talking heads" or lectures, but skilled in participant centered learning, which contains interaction and other facilitation techniques that provide a higher opportunity for retention. They are not boring trainers, but entertaining, insightful and memorable!

We haven't listed our topics because our portfolio contains just about anything you need both in the area of soft skills and computer software. Additionally we can customize your training needs integrating both on-site, on line and mobile.

How To Use Us

// Executive Advisory, Strategy, Planning
  • strategic planning roundtables : want to improve operational performance through better people management? Using the findings from the book Show Me The Money!, a great session of assessment and strategy can be facilitated
  • executive / leadership retreats
  • advisory role, trusted partner via retainer

// Leadership & Management Development

  • through a results-based leadership framework, help leaders at every level be meaningful business partners by coming behavior and financially literate.
  • additionally understanding their financial value and impact.
  • use this framework (results-based leadership) to install a program (development practices), embedded in operations that provide ongoing development as company needs evolve additionally supporting promotion and succession planning.
// Talent Management Strategy & Execution
  • pre-promotion planning
  • succession planning
  • installing a leadership development infrastructure
  • identifying and set-up a development process for high potentials
  • enhanced on-boarding with Individual Contributor Competency Series
  • leaning workshops and seminars
// Operational Improvement
  • setting up the framework for High Performance Teams, improving team, department or business unit productivity
  • this includes team collaboration
  • installing a process and training for managing conflict
  • leader / management performance - feedback loops, coaching

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Contact Us: joann@joanncorley.com | Ph: 678.827.1721