Time Mgt.- Get Results

Time & Organizational Management
Organizational Skills for the Overwhelmed - How to 
Work Smart, Get Results & Be Happy
(Great title isn't it?)

I've had the great honor for many years of conducting workshops on how to get more organized, manage time & priorities, and reduce stress all in the spirit of getting better results.

As I've done so across North America, here's what I've discovered: people are really overwhelmed more now than ever! Folks in my seminars have acquired additional duties, some as much as a complete job description of a laid off colleague.

I've also discovered that there is much more to getting results than a few tips. To maximize how we use our time, there is a basic understanding of human nature that is required and that we all need to become better managers of all aspects of elements that are included in time - which is just about everything that exists.

The seminar addresses the following areas to manage and offers practical tips and techniques that can be easily implemented immediately:

-space & stuff
-information (online and offline)
-and most importantly - themselves

Self management is the key to the rest of the list! I call it "the me in time." It is time management from a performance management point of view.

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