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We're excited to announce, we're forming a one-stop-shop of resources for building a healthy company culture and providing comprehensive services surrounding harassment and discrimination, from advisory and compliance audits to software implementation for training reinforcement and complaint tracking! As founder, I am so excited as we enter our 20th year in business to really become a full service human resource, talent, management consulting practice. From leadership development to software, our holistic approach to operational effectiveness will save our clients time and money, creating a solid infrastructure for sustained growth!

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Here's where we started on Jan. 10th
: We're ready to have a robust discussion about a very touchy subject and yet absolutely needs to be had. We want to provide a supportive, educated community to protect our employees and businesses!

Can you confidently answer these 2 questions:
1). Does everyone in our community have clear definitions and understandings of what misconduct, hostile environment, harassment, assault (a criminal act btw), inappropriate means?
2). Are my managers clear and able to handle any of these in a timely and effective manner?

Day: Wednesday - Jan. 10th, 2018 | 12:30 ET

Here is the introduction article from LinkedIn: Sexual Harassment - It's Time for Action! (Would be helpful to read first).

     Suzi Benoit            Kate Bischoff            Alan Allard           JoAnn Corley

Here is our expert panel of behavior & legal experts...
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Questions for the Webcast

Sexual Harassment - It's Time For Action | A Candid Talk With HR Professionals

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Here's our starter questions for the webcast:

First question: What is your response to this social wave of sexual harassment exposure?
Second question: In looking at sexual harassment in the workplace, what do you see as the real issues?

Third Question: What has HR's role been in this?

Fourth Question: From your POV -- what will it really take to create meaningful change? and will HR's role be in that?

Fifth: What tactical action can be taken now to hold ourselves accountable to champion change?

Sixth: As HR professionals what will that mean for us personally?

AND.... we'll be taking your questions....