Our overall goal is to help companies create sustained growth and profitability...
via holistic talent management and organizational leadership.

Here's how we can help:

1=> Advisory
As mentioned on our home page, there is a knowledge gap with leaders and many of their HR partners have that is sorely needed to aid in creating meaningful strategies and making the best decisions for operational management and growth.

2=> Consulting
A. Improving Operational/Organizational Performance
through...Talent management assessment & Strategic planning
We can help you maximize your talent management first by assessing how your "human resource" (the people, not the department) is managed, married to and integrated into your business strategy and leadership development including improving company valuation for a sale. This also includes pre-promotion and succession planning. // 360 Feedback // Assessments

B. Improving Operational/Organizational Performance
through...Holistic Organizational Leadership™  | HQ Leadership™

__  Executive Team - Key Leaders Strategic Planning / Advisory Sessions -
these sessions provide information that helps decision-makers experience the mental shifts necessary to make profitable decisions regarding the human side of the enterprise.

We've seen that many leaders do not make decisions to grow operational capabilities or know how to improve operational performance and therefore cripple effectiveness because they function from an administrative vs. growth point of view. They are not preparing the human side of their operation to adequately handle needed growth and/or market/industry changes. This leadership practice can over time adversely impact their workforce and ultimately profits.

Based on our executive briefing book Show Me the Money! Solving the Mystery of ROI to Unlock Profits and Increase Company Value, we provide on-site facilitated leadership round-tables that discuss key principles from the book that address how to measure human performance and how the ability to do so, impacts decisions and overall company performance.

__  Installing a Leadership/management development program. We believe leaders/managers need to learn how to be meaningful business partners, highly engaged and accountable to executing strategy. We work with a holistic, results-based, human-focused leadership/management development framework, where a leader's contribution to organizational and operational improvement can be tracked and measured, while growing capabilities and meeting business objectives.

**While many companies practice periodic, "buffet style" leadership development, this specific initiative can be used to install a framework of ongoing development to support company growth and value. Consider it putting in place leadership infrastructure.

C. Developing High-Performance Teams -- Improving team collaboration and synergy for increased output
We've experienced that the ability to accomplish timely company results is contingent not only upon leadership/management effectiveness, but also on the ability of a team, department or business unit to function at its best. We help teams learn to work together for increased productivity based on the characteristics of "high-performance teams".

Our Overall Approach
We address the performance of leaders, managers and teams through customized, structured peer learning and coaching, over a predetermined period of time, which heightens accountability and accelerates results. Working with proven results-based principles and methodologies, we provide rapid improvement while unlocking untapped organizational capabilities and strengthening a company's performance infrastructure.

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3 => Talent Management Learning Seminars - Onboarding Enhancement
Another element of improving operational performance, by way of talent management, is strategically providing learning seminars.

We have come to see that key to an individual being a constructive team member, is their level of professional maturity and understanding of what's expected in their collective contribution from the very beginning. We see that maturity as the foundation of performance and have identified 6 capabilities (individual contributor competencies) every team member should have. We've arrived at these 6 after years of conducting professional development workshops and concluded that any performance issue (other than job, culture fit, or direct report/management skill) resides in these 6.

Consider the following: What if every employee knew from the very beginning the qualities needed to be an effective team member and from which they can be coached right from the start. Would this approach reduce employee behavior/performance issues?

With that in mind, we suggest you reconsider your on-boarding content and process and ask what would be the benefit of including an Individual Contributor Competency Series in your on-boarding initiative. It could be implemented over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months.  Learn more

4 => A Speaker at Your Next Event
Our founder, JoAnn Corley, is a dynamic, inspirational business speaker. She has a contagious passion for the work she does, infused in any topic she delivers. She conducts keynotes and conference breakouts that are high-value and entertaining. Learn more about her topics here.

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