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As you've been reading, we have a huge commitment to providing much value to our clients, which is reflected in our philosophies and approaches. As it relates to leadership-management development, our approach is beyond the less effective, common "training", workshop/seminars practices and thus we are able to evoke rapid, measurable improvement.

First, we help clients distinguish between learning vs. development. They are two distinct needs. It's common for decision-makers to confuse them. What many decision-makers really want is development, but they choose stand alone learning expecting "developmental" changes.

Second, we help clients see beyond the symptoms they want to address and diagnosis the actual problem and thereby make better decisions regarding planning and spend.

Third, since we approach leadership development through the lens of organizational/operational improvement, it's executed through a group/peer experience. Peer learning, implementation and accountability embedded in the day-to-day work experience are intricate components to quickly improving both individual and operational performance. This approach takes advantage of the ripple effect, improving both the leadership and company culture. Marshall Goldsmith, an acclaimed executive coach calls it "stakeholder centered coaching".

The reality is leadership effectiveness is based on current context, rather than generic leadership qualities or a staid competency model. Our approach creates a highly relevant, customized coaching experience that meets current needs, providing the best possible return-on-investment.

Therefore, most of our leadership-management development engagements are executed via a "learning/coaching roundtable" format. The participants set a customized development plan within the context of operational needs. These needs are assessed through our results-based leadership framework. This provides (if willing) a simple, easy path for change where confidence can be gained and competence recognized early on in the development experience.

This approach and framework is so nimble and effective, it can be applied to many operational and organizational needs, such as:
- Change management
- Culture alignment
- Department or business unit turnaround
- Leadership reset (when there has been a substantial leadership change or buy-out)
- Pre-promotion and succession planning
- On-boarding new managers (a resource for quickly building capabilities and effectiveness)
- A company-wide performance development initiative

We know there certainly will be times when there will be a need for individual one-on-one performance development coaching. Even with that, peer feedback will be a component. Leaders don't operate in a bubble nor should their development be conducted in one. Studies show coaching engagements are the most successful when conducted in this manner.

Do we still offer learning seminars and workshops? Yes we do, however, they usually done within the context of broader initiative.
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