Org Strategies - The Seminar

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Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed
The Seminar

How to manage your time, space, & priorities to work smart, get results, and be happy

Seminar Outline – Duration: 1 Day

National Restaurant Facility Managers
National Conference, Dallas, TX

Note: The information in this seminar can also be customized into a keynote, partial day workshop-seminar or a series of webinars.

Module 1 - The “Me” In Time

Managing Time, Being More Organized – the Bigger Picture

Results Clarified

To Get Results – You’ve Got to Be a Skilled Manager

The 7 Manages

It All Begins Here - The “Me Formula"

Emotions & Decision Making – It’s an Inside Job

The Bottom Line – It’s All About Decisions

Module 2 - Managing Space & Stuff

It’s All About Find-ability & Scan-ability

Want Space? – Principles for a Workable Space

5 Power Principles to Maintain Your Space

Module 3 - Managing Information

Do You Know Your Information Flow?

How to Manage Your Information Flow

Effectively Managing Piles

Email Management 84

Module 4 - Managing Time, Priorities & Takes

Managing Time, Priorities & Takes – The Heart of Getting Results

3 Stages to Managing

Get Better Results - Peak Productivity Period

Benefits & Use of a Time Map

Procrastination, Perfectionism, & Interruptions

Managing Interruptions

Module 5 – Q & A, Technology Updates, Misc. Tips

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