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Sometimes a pre-determined topic doesn't help you decide.  You have a sense of what your company or group needs.  So let me craft a seminar or workshop for you.

To follow are themes included in the many workshops I've done.  There is certainly something there for you.

To follow:

1....are a summary of concepts, included in the above workshops, or of which a seminar can be developed around and

2....A worddoc. that includes an
expanded list of titles done in a variety of time frames that you can choose from.




            Responding with tact and finesse when being attacked


            Foundational techniques

            Assertive communication

 Employee Motivation

 Decision Making

            Key elements  

            Thinking outside the lines


 Management / Leadership

            Integrated “coaching principles into management”

            Understanding and working with different personalities

            Distinctions between management and leadership

            Understanding the “you” factor…managing from the inside-out

 Career Pathing

            Skills assessment – tools and how tos

            Tips to managing a career (the Me, Inc. mindset)

 Personal Development (or building strong individual contributors)

  Emotional intelligence (which includes personal responsibility and self-management)

           Goal setting & action planning


Time management

Getting organized

           Self development

           Personal boundaries

Personal Power – what components are involved in living an empowered life

Team Building, Synergy & Collaboration

            Tools and tips for creating and working within an effective team

            Self-directed teams

            Communicating in team environment

            Building Culture

For an expanded list of titles done in a variety of time frames that you can choose from click here
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Henderson-Shapiro Staff Retreat

ABWA LA - Kick-off Event

U.S. Army - Ft. Hood, Tx

RFMA - Annual Conference

Columbia County Chamber - Home of The Masters
Annual Super Successful Women's Luncheon

ABWA National Break-out
Creative & Innovative Thinking
L.A. Group, Dallas, TX

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Our learning seminars and workshops are primarily delivered by JoAnn Corley. However, we do have training partners if you have a need outside our portfolio.

This page represents topics or themes that you may be seeking. Some are also available as keynotes.

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Management Training Series

Topics Portfolio

You'll find the top requested employee training and development topics. The content is timely and relevant. What are they?

Emotional Intelligence, Creative & Innovative Thinking, Time & Organizational Management, Collaboration & Communication for Team Productivity & Collaboration (Team building), Manager as Coach, The Leader Within.

Below is a list of signature topics.  We call our workshops LAUNCH & Learns because we know that the learning just begins when your teams first hear the information; the training takes place when it's being purposefully applied - embedded into the everyday work experience. 

Each onsite client has the option of a full or 1/2 day session along coupled with e-coaching follow ups specific to the topic delivered coupled with a mobile learning tag on.  In some cases - with a tight budget - mobile training may be a great alternative choice.

Finally, an optional follow up individual or group coaching component is offered. The cost is determined based on the customized needs of the client.

Our philosophy? "Everyday is a training day", when employees are taught how to leverage their everyday work experience to learn and grow... and that part if free!


Time & Organizational Strategies for the Busy Professional
How to manage your time, space, & priorities to work smart, get results, and be happy - based on the companion book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed  | Resource page (learn more about the book and review an outline of the program)

It's a jam packed workshop of highly effective tips, techniques and principles to manage time and be more organized housed in the concept of execution for results. Get outline

E.Q. and You - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
E.Q. resource page
This is a very workshop that makes E.Q. approachable and down to earth. It helps define what is emotional intelligence, how it impact relationships and team dynamics, and how it impacts professional & personal success. It also provides a realistic approach to developing it. Click here for outline

Creative & Innovative Thinking – The Next New Skill
Click here for resource page
A fun, interactive workshop to guide attendees through practical tools on how to generate ideas and develop innovative thinking. It's about solutions, process improvement and doing more with less! Does your staff know how to be that way and think that way? As stated by Richard Florida (author of "Rise of The Creative Class") “Ideas are the new commodity of the 21st century.” Seminar Overview

Can't We All Just Get Along? 
Powering Up Team Collaboration & Communication

Click here for resource page & outline

I believe one of the most critical diversity issues today is not necessarily race of ethnicity, but personality differences on which team members get the least amount of training. This essential workshop helps members identify their own personality type in a very fun way and also gain understanding and a sense of value of others with a engaging and enlightening interactive activity.

That understanding will serve to build team synergy, increase effective collaboration, nurture positive daily interaction of team members all to serve getting better results!

Leadership from the Inside-Out
Don't let the title fool you...this is a workshop designed for every employee and works from the premise that every employee is a leaders and should be empowered to see themselves that way.

Additionally, an essential principle in effective leadership is who people are on the inside will dictate the kind of leader and the kind of team they will have on the outside. The inside can be characterized and authentic personal power.

Attendees are guided through 13 points of a personal power wheel to provide tangible touch points for creating and maintaining personal power. This establishes the foundation for authentic leadership
This is a must have, foundational workshop for EVERY employee (individual contributor) and leader in your organization and that's why it's listed first. Click here for outline

Manager As Coach
Click here for management training resource page
Since leadership in many organizations is migrating from the old command and control model to the new model of coaching, facilitating and educating, this workshop teaches lays out, what is coaching, what are the qualities of an effective coach, understanding who you're coaching and a highly effective coaching model that can be implemented in any organization and also provides a performance management tool for effortless performance appraisals while tying performance to business objectives
Click here for outline

The Unspoken Keys to Communicating With Tact & Finesse
A fresh approach to teaching effective communication is by teaching that we are not necessarily speaking to a person but to their mind. An essential component of communicating effectively is understanding how the mind works and then with that knowledge using unique techniques that can be used to achieve better outcomes. Some of the techniques are taken from NLP (neuro linquistic programing). I call these specific techniques "3D Communication."

Train the Trainer - Creativity Bootcamp
With hundreds of workshops and seminars conducted both publicly and onsite, I’ve collected and developed many effective techniques to engage attendees and increase retention within that setting. I’ve conducted many seminars delivering these ideas and techniques. This is a power packed workshop sure to get results! click here for outline

Management Mojo - The 1% Way
Based on the book The 1% Edge - Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness, it's a fun, interactive workshop that covers a variety of management themes to generate ideas and actions with the idea in mind the just doing 1 action can make generate significant impact (the 1% philosophy). This is a one of kind workshop and not every workshop is the same. Book the workshop and get a 50% discount on the workbook version (a $24.95 value) for each attendee. Blog: www.the1percentedge.com

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