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Talent Management - Hiring Beyond the Job Description

Holistic talent management hires from a view of best fit - a win for the candidate, team and company.
Ever heard of the book Good to Great by Jim Collins?  If not, I highly recommend you read it.  You can access here on Amazon. We support and espouse Jim's researched hiring philosophy of "getting the right people on the bus."

As a former recruiter, I spent much effort doing this for clients. I learned as I became more and more successful that the highest value I could bring in presenting candidates was finding the candidate that fit beyond the job description. I've seen first hand the huge benefits to best fit hiring. Additionally this in alignment with the overall holistic talent management philosophy.

In order to achieve this, companies need to put aside antiquated hiring practices, create a new, educated strategy and take advantage of the many wonderful tools available in the marketplace that can help those strategies be effectively executed.

Here are a few strategies to consider:
...Competency modeling - or what I like to call "critical success factors." (If this is not familiar to you, go here to learn more).
...Behavioral interviewing
...EQ interviewing
...External selection assistance 
...Scientific pre-hire behavioral assessment

...Best fit - job satisfaction, preference surveys
...The Creative Interview Experience

We can assist with all of these!

One of the most important and powerful strategies on this list is a scientific pre-hire, best fit behavioral assessment.  There is an excellent tool that is EEOC compliant (very few are by the way) and is amazingly spot on in identifying best fit candidates.

Assisting me in bringing this offering to The Human Sphere™ is a dear colleague I've worked with for a number of years Alan Allard.  His talent and expertise in the area of best fit hiring and performance management is invaluable. Alan uses a tool called The Predictive Index and describes it's use as "scientific talent management."

So, What Is Scientific Talent Management?
Here's how Alan describes it...
In short, "scientific talent management" is about using behavioral assessments in your hiring process to attract top talent and using the data and insights from behavior assessments to coach and lead your people for maximum productivity. 

The science in scientific talent management comes from using behavioral assessments that have the strength of science behind them. In practical terms, it means using behavioral assessments that are:

  • Objective (developed and validated exclusively for use within occupational and organizational populations
  • Reliable (is proven to provide yield similar results if the same person takes it numerous times)
  • Valid (it measures what it says it measures and is proven to be accurate—in this case, workplace behavior and performance)
  • Neutral (regarding gender, race or age) 

Now we’re back to what all this means and why you can no longer afford to ignore using proven science in your talent management process or betting too heavily on just your management and leadership experience and intuition. How can scientific hiring make you look even more like the genius you are? 

It takes the guess work out of knowing if a candidate is the right match for the position you are recruiting for. You no longer have to rely upon “massaged” resumes, hand-picked references or wonder if the candidate is really as good as their “sales pitch” makes them seem.

The right behavioral assessment also gives you immediate data and insights into coaching and leading your team. That makes it easy for you to relate to and communicate with each individual team member in the way that taps into their natural, predisposed behaviors and internal motivation. When you do that, magic happens. When you ignore the predisposed behaviors and motivations of each team member, everyone loses and productivity is far from what it could be.

Holistic Talent Management™ uses the foundation of two scientific tools to help our clients succeed in their talent management efforts:

  • Predictive Index: an objective, validated, reliable and neutral behavioral assessment used by 20% of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of small businesses. We have case studies of dramatically reducing costs, turnover and increasing productivity and sales that will make you stop and think about proven ways you can quickly drive productivity, reduce team conflict, hire and promote the right people and keep them long term.
  • PRO (Performance Requirement Options): a tool that gives you a behavioral profile of what is required for any specific job role within your company. It takes into consideration your overall company culture as well as the specific requirements for a specific role. (This is the assessment tool that more precisely identifies a competency model -- or critical success factors.)
To learn more about the Predictive Index family of tools and the value of assessments, I've created a resource page - Assessment Resource Page.

A Bit About Alan

Alan has 20+ years of experience in the realm of talent management and helping his clients dramatically improve individual and organizational performance. His work as an executive coach to employees and senior managers up to the c-suite level has given him extensive experience in how to raise performance levels of individuals and teams to create long-term success, fulfillment and ultimately increased profits.


Alan’s clients appreciate his pragmatic approach combined with his insights into the human dimension of motivation, behavior change and organizational dynamics. His 12 years in private practice as a former psychotherapist taught him that motivation is unique to each employee and he helps leaders and managers gain a competitive edge in leading and coaching their teams.


Alan has traveled North America training and coaching employees and speaking on topics related to talent management, leadership, and coaching employees and teams for top performance. Alan lives in the metro Atlanta area with his wife. He's latest release is an e-book entitled Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness.

Next Steps
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