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EQ & You - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

This topic is 1 of 5 recommended employee learning seminars in our employee core competency series. If you've not read the introductory information regarding this concept (core employee competencies), I recommend you do so. It will give you a useful context.  Click here now.

This hands down, is one of the most important topics to bring to your organization.  If you need tangible reasons why, consider the following from the research, "A Business Case for Emotional Intelligence." Did you know that the level of emotional intelligence is the number one issue surrounding under-performing, disruptive employees, and high performers?

"In jobs of medium complexity (sales clerks, mechanics), a top performer is 12 times more productive than those at the bottom and 85 percent more productive than an average performer.  In the most complex jobs (insurance salespeople, account managers), a top performer is 127 percent more productive than an average performer (Hunter, Schmidt, & Judiesch, 1990).  Competency research in over 200 companies and organizations worldwide suggests that about one-third of this difference is due to technical skill and cognitive ability while two-thirds is due to emotional competence (Goleman, 1998).  (In top leadership positions, over four-fifths of the difference is due to emotional competence.) "   
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Latest - E.Q. In The News

A New CEO - Chief Emotional Officer - How Are You Doing?
This article is for every leader & manager!

New Study Shows Emotional Intelligence Linked to Socio-Economics

A study recently published in Psychological Science has found evidence that people from higher-class backgrounds have lower emotional intelligence (EQ) than people from lower-class backgrounds. That could be bad for business, according to EQ experts at The TRACOM Group.

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Recommendations for Your Professional Library
Much of the reason why emotional intelligence is penetrating the business world is due to the release of research done by Dr. Daniel Goleman.

For me both personally and professional, his books are a must read.
Note - "Working With Emotional Intelligence" is a follow up to his first book.  It reflect his practical experiences with companies while applying e.q. principles.

What to test your own E.Q. - "The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook" has a test attached.

Resource Section
New Research - NeuroLeadership - David Rock  - check out his books
Article in HBR: Social Intelligence & The Biology of Leadership

Complementary Material
If you've not had much exposure to this critical employee performance topic,  I invite you to download the material provided below. You'll discover bringing an emotional intelligence workshop to your organization is not a cost, but can save your company money and in many cases increase your company's bottom line.

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Learn More About E.Q.
To follow you will find a number of documents reflecting studies on how emotional intelligence plays out in the business environment.
You'll want to download each.

The documents below reveals statistics on how E.Q. impacts a company's bottom line in the context of hiring, training, and performance management:

A Business Case For Emotional Intelligence
The quote to the left is part of this study.

22 Best Practice Guidelines for introducing emotional intelligence in the business environment.

Where does the highest E.Q. lie in job functions and job titles? Download to see:
EQ & Job Function
EQ & Job Title

Interviewing with E.Q. In Mind
Lot's of questions and situations - excellent resource.

Excellent overview resource and a short quote from me :-)


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