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JoAnn R. Corley: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed

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Title: The 1% Edge

Handbook - tips in a journal format
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The Force Within
This simple handbook lays the foundation for living from and leading from the inside-out. It will help you identify and bring value to the energy and life force that you need to use front and center in your life. It is in fact the guide and source to great happiness and life satisfaction. 

This handbook can be used for both personal and professional development and is for both individual contributors and corporate leaders.

Make no mistake about it; anything that is accomplished personally and professionally, individually and with a group requires a force of some kind. It is my firm belief that seeing and understanding this is essential to getting the outcomes we want in any area of our lives.

It's also necessary if companies want to be and stay competitive. In my view force equals profits. And the source of profits begins with the force of each individual employee.  Read more and/or order here.


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K: De-clutter Your Life From the Inside-Out ($3.99)

N: Declutter

K: Your Life Through The Lens of Time - The Interview (.99)

N: Your Life

Title: Wisdom@Work

A journal of powerful quotes and thoughts for your work success
. Makes a great gift for a client or team.

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Title: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Success
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Title: It Takes 4 To Tango
If yo
u've done the Animal Personality Game with me...you'll want to get this book.  Created by a colleague Candy Whirley. She and I put the activity together...so this is the companion book!