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Debunking Diversity!
Diversity is usually seen through the lens of race and ethnicity.  This is a refreshing look at a highly delivered topic.  It breaks down diversity beyond those traditional views. If you want a program to address diversity, but not in the traditional way that attendees say, "Oh, not again." Then this is the program! It's also a great alternative topic to team-building. Download summary 

Want peace of mind when booking your next speaker? 

If meeting and conference planners don't already have enough on their plate (I know - I've been one), nothing helps more than working with an experienced, seasoned speaker who is not a diva;  someone you can count on to deliver a superb program, that offers significant value and content with a great entertainment factor...someone you absolutely don't have to worry about.  Confidence and peace of mind is highly valued in the conference planning arena.

That's what you'll get when you engage me for your next event. I am diverse, flexible, and t
he consummate professional. I've spoken all over North America, to thousands, and have had some crazy experiences along the way. Honestly - nothing at an event can surprise me or throw me....well hopefully not.  See a recent recommendation letter - UGA-CollofEdu-Rec.pdf
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Below is a partial list of my most popular topics over the past year or so along with a link to a list of videos to view my delivery style. To contact me for possible bookings - there's no form to fill out just email -
 or call toll free 888-388-0565 and let me know the following:

1.  Topic interests
2.  Location and name of the event
3.  Your budget range

I'll respond within 24 hours (or in many cases same day) for an exploratory discussion.

Most Popular Topics - Programs
(partial list)

Note: Most of my topics can be delivered in a variety of time formats, though a few are a specific type -- they are noted in blue.

If you have a need-theme, I can create it. In my 15 years of conducting professional seminars across North America, I've developed a breath of information that can be utilized in a keynote or break-out. Below is a list of my more popular topics.  If you're not sure what topics to use click here for a topics themes list.  
Also check out a blog post on how to choose a topic - click here.  
Or, contact me for a no-obligation brainstorming session: - call toll free: 888.388.0565

Creative & Innovative Thinking – The Next New Skill, How Much Is An Idea Worth? 
One of the most popular for both break-outs and keynotes and is derived from a full-day workshop.
An IBM survey of 1500 CEO resulted in this finding: creative & innovative thinking is the #1 most needed leadership comptency. This is a fun, interactive program to guide attendees through practical tools on how to generate ideas and develop innovative thinking. It's about solutions, process improvement, effective decision-making, and doing more with less!  As stated by Richard Florida (author of "Rise of The Creative Class") “Ideas are the new commodity of the 21st century."  This presentation is not about "talking about creativity", but having the attendees actually experience their own!Creativity_Session2.pdf
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Showcase preview of this topic - click for video here

The Inspired Professional - Going From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Keynote - Breakout

We could all use a bit more inspiration these days and usually we look outside ourselves to find it? How about a different approach? How about finding inspiration from within and sharing that inspiration with those around us? In these volatile times, what will set apart the ordinary professional from the extraordinary? will be those who are the inspired professional! Get complete summary here:The Inspired Prof..docx
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Can't We All Just Get Along
Break-outs and keynotes and is derived from a full-day workshop.
A humorous, entertaining and enteractive look at differences and diversity through the lens of personality and how that impacts our relationships personally and professionally. This keynote provides meaningful life insights, practical take-aways and has attendees laughing and learning all at the same time! All walk away with a better understanding of themselves and others along with tangible actions items that can assist them in enhancing good will and collaboration in our many diverse work cultures.

The Power of You - An Undeniable Legacy

Human history would not be the same if you did not exist. Do you believe that? Do you believe that you matter?  How you matter and in what way you matter though- is up to you! This is a keynote to inspire the thought of legacy and offer a practical approach on how to set the stage to leave the kind we want – on purpose – with intention. Get complete summary here:The_Power_of_You___A_Memorable_Legacy.docx
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It's Your Life, Make it Count, Manage Your Time, Meet Your Destiny
This keynote is a unique inspirational presentation infusing practical elements of time management. It is a more holistic view of time through the lens of how time is the key focus of how someone uses their  "life-time"

The breakout themes listed below can also be transformed into a customized keynote. They are derived from a full day workshop-seminar.

Getting Results - Lead & Succeed With High-Impact Productivity Strategies
Based on the book & wildly popular seminar Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed, this topic offers a holistic approach beyond just a typical time management seminar. It addresses a variety of areas not typically addressed that impact getting results through the lens of time.  This workshop is extremely insightful and practical as well as inspiring! A book for each attendee is available at a significantly discounted rate. Getting_Results_Wrkshp.pdf
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E.Q. and You - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
(There is also a leadership version)
A great introductory program, perfect for a conference setting. It makes this very popular topic approachable and down to earth. This program answers the questions what is it, how do I develop it, and how to work with others who don't have it!  Click this link to go to the EQ resource page and to access the outline.

Leadership From The Inside-Out

Don't let the title fool you...this is a workshop designed for every employee and works from the premise that every employee is a leaders and should be empowered to see themselves that way.

Additionally, an essential principle in effective leadership is who people are on the inside will dictate the kind of leader and the kind of team they will have on the outside. The inside can be characterized as authentic personal power. Attendees are guided through 13 points of a personal power wheel to provide tangible touch points for creating and maintaining personal power. This establishes the foundation for authentic leadership. This is for everyone! Leadership_from_the_Inside-E.pdf
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The Unspoken Keys To Communicating with Tact & Finesse

A very interactive program that approaches this topic in a refreshing way.  The approach is by teaching that we are not necessarily speaking to a person but to their mind. An essential component of communicating effectively is
understanding how the mind works and then with that knowledge using unique techniques that can be used to achieve better outcomes. Some of the techniques are taken from NLP (neuro linquistic programing). I call these specific techniques "3D Communication."

How To Successfully Navigate the Minefield of Workplace Ethics

Nothing like feeling squeezed - right? That’s what a lot of  professionals feel as they are presented with a variety of questionable and challenging situations through-out the work day. Well here’s a chance to get relief from the squeeze and gain some understanding, tools and techniques to handle situations of discomfort successfully with tact and finesse. 

Themes included in this session: boundaries, assertive vs. aggressive communication, working with competing values, emotional intelligence, and diplomatic collaboration.
Ultimately, this session is designed to fuel your confidence and competence as it provides you with practical, how-tos that can be immediately implemented for those sticky situations whether with the public, your boss or co-workers.

Brand Me!
Though this phrase was coined by Tom Peters many years ago, it's more relevant now more than ever! It's not enough to jump from job to job.  These days it's about effective career and brand management. I call it individual talent management. Today's professional landscape is becoming much more sophisticated and so should each professional. Updated thinking and tactics are needed to maximize their work-life satisfaction and earning potential. This session helps set the stage and lay the foundation for each attendee to understand what it will take to reach those goals.  They'll walk about with a practical plan and resources to confidently move forward.

Delivery Style
With thousands of workshops and seminars conducted both public and private, JoAnn collected and developed many effective techniques to engage attendees and increase retention within that setting. She's conducted many seminars delivering these ideas and techniques. Her style has been defined as: fun, funny, entertaining, insightful, inspiring, meaty, high energy, practical and down-to-earth.  

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