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2017 Chief Talent Officer Exchange - Chicago
Event Chair & Moderator - Panel Topic: Transforming Performance Management

This is totally worth your time to view!

Have you ever considered getting rid of your performance management? Gap Brands did! Sears & Fannie Mae have modified theirs.

It's one of the most controversial aspects of talent management/ human resources.

David Theis - VP Organizational Effectiveness & Talent Mgt. - Fannie Mae

Rob Ollander-Krane, Head of Talent Planning & Performance - Gap Brands

Thomas Griffen - AVP Leadership & Organizational Development - Frontier Communications,
(formerly w/ Sears) 
Is it possible to have a business speaker, who is high-energy and inspiring with great content?  Yes!

Comment from recent Executive Leadership Retreat:

"Thank you for the outstanding retreat you delivered last week. Our team debriefed this morning and everyone agreed that you were the exact right person to assist with our reset. Phenomenal job. I’ll be in touch with you this week to discuss ideas for follow-up."  | Jeanette Green, Director Human Resources, One of the wealthiest, fastest growing counties in the U.S.

"You are the kind of speaker that can make you laugh, give you substance and inspire you at all the same time. Such a wonderful combination!" Thank you! |  Robin Getman, Interact Group,LLC

"You have a gift, this is your calling." | Attendee, IdeasSummit 2016

Complete Peace of Mind When Working With JoAnn 
If meeting and conference planners don't already have enough on their plate (I know, in a former life, I've been one), nothing helps more than working with an experienced, seasoned speaker; someone you can count on to deliver a superb program offering significant value and content with a great entertainment factor...someone you absolutely don't have to worry about.  Confidence and peace of mind is highly valued in the conference planning arena.

That's what you'll get when you engage JoAnn for your next event.  She is a diverse, flexible, and t
he consummate professional. She has spoken all over North America, to thousands, and have had some crazy experiences along the way. Honestly - nothing at an event can surprise her or throw me....well hopefully not.  

Below is a partial list of popular topics over the past couple of years and along with a link to a list of videos to view her delivery style. To contact us for possible bookings - there's no form to fill out just email -
 or call toll free 888-388-0565 and let me know the following:

1.  Topic interests
2.  Location and name of the event
3.  Your budget range

When possible, you'll receive a response within 24 hours (or in many cases same day) for an exploratory discussion.


If you have a need-theme, I can create it. In my 15 years of conducting professional seminars across North America, I've developed a breath of information that can be utilized in a keynote or break-out.

However, I work with 3 core themes / topics that, in my experience, deliver the most value. In the leadership development work we do, we consider a strong leadership foundation to be a "triple threat" (similar to basketball), 3 competencies that provide a base from which a team, department business unit or company can be built.

To follow are those 3 and their corresponding topic:

1. Intentional philosophy and principles from which one leads. Most we've discovered are not clear or have not purposely identified these. Also, many leadership team member differ or may even have conflicted philosophies and principles from which they consciously or subconsciously work. This lack of cohesion can be an impediment to productivity and achieving outcomes.

2. The competency of nimble and open thinking and the resulting decisions and judgment. This drives everything a leader does. So it is critical to have a leadership that nurtures fresh thinking, invites and fosters collaborative thinking through a company culture that promotes learning, creative, innovative and critical thinking.

3. Relational influence, the kind of communication and influence that demonstrates the most effective leadership. It is the ability to move those they lead to a desired place without coercion or wielding positional power, but is based on personal power through thoughtful communication, emotional and social intelligence.


1| The Human Quotient! The Power & Profits of Human-Focused, Results-based Leadership
| Keynote //  Breakout // Onsite Leadership Roundtable
You can hear it ringing in your ear, "Show me the money!"... that is if you saw the highly entertaining film Jerry Maguiree. What the character played by Cuba Gooding Jr. was really demanding with that phrase was results...demonstrate your value -- show me some results!

That's what the leader of every company desires -- for him/her self and those they lead.

As a meeting planner or someone responsible for a successful booking, imagine the repeating cadence "Show Me the Money" as attendees hear entertaining stories about the foibles of their fellow leaders that undermine the very things they desire -- an increase in their company's success through  their personal leadership brand, company profits, and value.

Based on the executive briefing book, Show Me The Money! Solving the Mystery of ROI to Unlock Profits & Increase Company Value, this high-energy keynote, provides exceptional insights into what undermines leadership effectiveness due to a distorted view of money and its use in business operations.

In our evolving business climate of expanded human consciousness, many find it difficult to connect the drive for profits to service and human leadership. Yet, it's becoming more common for social entrepreneurs, governments, and non-business and business entities to demonstrate a return on investment reflecting skilled financial stewardship -- profits matter.

The good news is, no matter what sector, there is a way to produce exceptional profits and show good stewardship while leading in a profoundly human way. In fact, the more human the leadership, the more profits a company can experience.

Based on JoAnn's latest executive briefing, Show Me The Money! Solving the Mystery of  ROI to Unlock Profits & Increase Company Value, this keynote (which can be expanded to a break-out or 1/2 day leadership roundtable), introduces the framework, principles, and practices of human-centric, results-based leadership along with case studies demonstrating its success. 

After this session, no on
e will be able to see operations, leadership, employee performance, decisions regarding investing in employee development or calculating ROI the same again. Receive practical business insights delivered with inspiration and passion!


2|  Brain on Fire - Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers to Think More Effectively
Creative & Innovative Thinking – The Next New Skill

Keynote - Breakout Selected for SHRM15 - Las Vega National Event - mega session

An IBM survey of 1500 CEO resulted in this finding: creative & innovative thinking is the #1 most needed leadership competency. This is a fun, interactive program to guide attendees through practical tools on how to generate ideas and develop innovative and critical thinking. It's about solutions, process improvement, effective decision-making, and doing more with less! 

As stated by Richard Florida (author of "Rise of The Creative Class") “Ideas are the new commodity of the 21st century."  This presentation is not "talking about creativity", but having the attendees actually experience their own! Attendees can also receive a copy of the complimentary book Brain on Fire! | 
Showcase preview of this topic - click for video here  Click here for outline   Interested in a full day workshop: click here


Other Themes for:  Business Growth / Operational Development / HR / Management / Team Synergy

Leading Change from the Inside-out - It's Not Rocket Science!

This may not be true for everyone, but the presences of or even the suggestion of change, can get people running for cover...but they can't!...they are the leader. Sticking their head in the sand is not an option!

In today's business climate, more than ever, leaders need to be adequately equipped to successful manage change at any level, or any size, within an organization.

This keynote takes an entertaining look at how change can be approached with practical simplicity by understanding the basics of human behavior, such as addressing fear, how the mind works, the role of relationships and communication.

Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the dynamics of change, their critical role in it and a functional framework that can be used in a variety of "change .

Additionally, all topics come with the option of including at a discounted rate the talent management handbook: 15 Shifts: The Essential Guide to Transform Your Talent Management

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence - keynote/breakout

The Ripple Effect - The Power of Your Personal Brand in HR* (Featured Keynote 2014 HR Star Conference Atlanta & Cleveland; selected for SHRM National 2015 mega session, Iowa SHRM 2015) keynote/breakout

Team Tune-up: Can't We All Just Get Along
// Keynote - Breakout

A humorous, entertaining and interactive look at differences and diversity through the lens of personality and how that impacts our relationships personally and professionally. This keynote provides meaningful life insights, practical take-aways and has attendees laughing and learning all at the same time! All walk away with a better understanding of themselves and others along with tangible actions items that can assist them in enhancing good will, collaboration and productivity in our many diverse work cultures.

Rave Reviews!
 "Everyone is still so excited from yesterday’s event and I just wanted to thank you again for a phenomenal presentation.  I have spoken with some of my managers and other team members who have nothing bet great things to say about the seminar and particularly about you and the way you connected with everyone.  Can’t say enough."

David M. Thomas, CPM, Vice President and Director of Property Management, Allen & Rocks, Inc.

"JoAnn Corley's energy and knowledge of creativity and innovative thinking provided a learning experience for the 2016 IdeasAmerica Training Summit attendees that will be talked about for some time. Her way of connecting to the audience was motivating and helped to take the limits off the way they contribute their creativity within their organizations, in addition to how to the ideation process can help them tap into their creativity. The attendees were equipped to go back to their organizations and enhance their creative and innovative culture.  Best word to describe JoAnn's presentation is AWESOME!"
Paula S. Davis, CASS , Executive Director, IdeasAmerica 75th Training Summit

With thousands of workshops and seminars conducted both public and private, JoAnn has collected and developed many effective techniques to engage attendees and increase retention within that setting. She's conducted many seminars delivering these ideas and techniques. Her style has been defined as: fun, funny, entertaining, insightful, inspiring, meaty, high energy, practical and down-to-earth. 

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ABWA National Evcent - Dallas - Creative Thinking Session
“JoAnn “rocked” with her presentation” Lupita Escobedo, Stanford Univ.