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Note from Founder - November 2016

We've had an extraordinary year!  We've had so much fun serving clients, helping them grow, changing lives, cultures -- improving their company success. It's been incredibly satisfying. And, we're looking forward to an even better 2018. With the release of our executive briefing Show Me The Money - we'll be working with our clients to improve their profitability through a strategic effort in having their leaders become more effective business partners. Cumulatively this year, our practice has positively impacted our clients' financially by several million dollars.

Here's just a bit of what we've been up to...

__ Helped a leadership team repair relationships, learned how to manage conflict and communicate collaboratively (vs. the famous phrase 'throw each other under the bus".)

__ Developed a special content segment for our leadership-management development roundtables that specifically addresses how to lead low skilled, low wage workers (this is one of our proudest accomplishments this year--there is very little information available on how to lead this employee population).

__ Department turnaround - helped several different departments reset their leadership team to lead with more respect for team members, which improved productivity and results.

__ Addressed inter-departmental conflict, which resulted in an increase in revenue within 1 month.

__ Enhanced leadership capabilities in one department which had a significant ripple effect improving organizational communication and operations between all departments.

__ Pre-promotion coaching for an assistant human resource to ensure a smooth transition of duties (after the director retired) and also enhanced trust and rapport with her direct report, a president with a very different personality and leadership style.

__ Helped start-up leadership team learn how to lead low skilled workers more effectively, which improved retention and increased productivity.

__ Cultural alignment/ Culture-Leadership Reset:  helped a leadership team resolve lingering culture issues after a buy-out, that was causing constant conflict, unhealthy competition and mistrust.

__ Strategic planning and enhanced leadership relationship building via leadership retreat. (one of the wealthiest, fastest growing counties in the U.S.)

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Engagement Highlights

#1 - Leadership Development / Department Turnaround
Client: Multi-million dollar manufacturing concern - regional location of a $4.3 billion dollar publicly traded company - largest American owned business in its category.

Inexperienced manager/leader promoted to Director of Engineering due to strong technical ability;  department culture in a highly dysfunctional state from previous leader.

Candidate is a bright, intelligent, likable engineer with great promise, but little experience and training as a leader and manager. Therefore, he is not functioning adequately in this specific area of his responsibilities. He is not very assertive, lacks professional responses, and is not effective in managing his managers and holding them accountable. Additionally he has not garnered the level of respect from his team needed to successfully lead. Since he is not fully vested in the leadership role, he is defaulting to “doing the work”, and not delegating which leaves little time for other critical management functions.

Prescribed Action Taken:
Initial 3 month 1/1 leadership development coaching engagement, renewed for another 3 months adding leadership/team coaching for all department leaders  (coaching round-tables for superintendents, supervisors, team leads).

Coaching Objectives:

> To build his knowledge in how to effectively manage and lead (will construct a customized training/reference manual from the coaching experience as an ongoing resource post engagement).

> To help him communicate more professionally with all stakeholders

> To create needed leadership and management behaviors (e.g. assertiveness, consistent communication, accountability structure, delegation, time management) that earns the respect of his direct reports and executive leadership within the Tucker facility

> To build his confidence as a competent director/leader

> Get improved outcomes for the entire team
> To continue to increase the morale of the department through his leadership

Results - Return on Investment
All outcomes and more achieved. ROI in dollars: 10 week net gain $82,360, 22 week net gain $164,720.00, 52 week net gain - $454,272.00 net gain

ROI in Percentage: first 10 weeks: 1,647%, 22 weeks 3,294%

Comments on Results:

President: "I am blown away by the results. It is undeniable the change in his leadership and how his department is functioning. Our down time has been substantially reduced on each line. I am so surprised that we saw immediate financial impact within the first 2 week of his coaching.

Corporate V.P.: "These results are very impressive. This is what we've needed for so long, but were not able to achieve."


CASE STUDY #2 - Coaching Intensive Leadership-Management Development Round-table

Many of our clients have finally realized that traditional approaches (information dumps) to leadership and management training and development are not working, i.e. getting the desired results. Unless it is with the specific intent to build knowledge, we discourage seminars and workshops as a "solution" for skill and competency development. Rather, we encourage them to experience a coaching intensive (a customized, targeted learning and training experience for a fixed period of time with real-time accountability).

This case study was from a client who chose to explore this route and do a "test pilot." 6 key leaders in the organization participated in the pilot.
Format: 3-4 months meeting every other week for appx. 1.1/2 hours. We determined during the first meeting what their specific needs where related to leadership growth. That set the agenda for the duration of the roundtables.

ROI: Immediate gain of $5,000 a week on measurable elements of business operations along with other significant % gains. 12 weeks x $5,000 = $60,000, subsequent - 6 months = $120,000.00  | Percentage 6 month ROI - 1,846%

Comments on Results:

President: "We can talk numbers if you want to, but there is a story to tell here. There has been an obvious, undeniable change in the plant and with specific people."

Director of HR: "I knew there would be a return on investment right from the beginning. We saw a financial impact almost immediately. I had no doubt this pilot would work. Nothing else had worked and we needed to try something new. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid more for this engagement."

One of the exciting elements of our client work is helping them calculate the tremendous value of the results we provide. I've included in the book 15 Shifts, 4 examples of how to calculate return-on-investment.  We help them see there is a direct result to the bottom line and behavior change. If you'd like a digital complementary copy of the book - subscribe to our executive-leadership e-brief TALENT TALK. Or, you can purchase a copy of the book here - E-store link.  | Subscribe here

Examples of how to calculate roi included in addition to executive coaching:

1. Calculated value of a time management workshop
2. Cost of a disruptive employee
3. Impact on company valuation when investing in talent management via stock price

A Personal Note from our Founder, JoAnn Corley

I love the work we do. I was inspired and reminded about it's impact with a recent client and shared my sentiments in this blog post - Leaders Have Feelings Too

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